.SFV File Extension

A .SFV file is a Simple File Verification File, created by N/A.

Open with QuickSFV. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .SFV file?

A .SFV file, which stands for Simple File Verification File, is a type of plain text document that helps check the integrity of other files. It lists filenames alongside their CRC32 checksums, which are unique strings of letters and numbers generated by a special program called a checksum utility. These checksums serve as fingerprints for files, ensuring they have not been damaged or changed.

When you download files, especially large ones or multiple files at once, they can sometimes become corrupted during the process. This is where an SFV file becomes useful. It often comes with files that are transferred via CDs, DVDs, USB drives, or even downloaded from the internet. By using an SFV file along with a checksum utility, you can check whether the files you received are exactly the same as the original files, without any errors or alterations.

To use an SFV file, you need a checksum utility program. Some popular programs that can open and use SFV files include QuickSFV, Check SFV, Traction SFV Checker, MooSFV, RapidCRC, SuperSFV, and checkSum+. Additionally, because SFV files are in plain text format, you can also view them using any basic text editor like Notepad or TextEdit.

Here’s how it typically works: When files are prepared for transfer, the checksum utility scans each file and records its checksum in the SFV file. This SFV file is then included with the files on a CD, DVD, or USB drive, or in a download. When you receive the files, you can run the same checksum utility to make sure the checksums listed in the SFV file match those of the received files. If they match, it means your files are in good condition and identical to the originals. If they don't, the files might have been corrupted or altered.

In summary, SFV files are helpful tools for verifying the integrity of files after they've been transferred or downloaded, ensuring that they are unchanged and uncorrupted. This is particularly useful in situations where accurate data transmission is critical.


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