.SFW File Extension

A .SFW file is a Seattle FilmWorks Image, created by Seattle FilmWorks.

Open with File Viewer Plus — Get it from Microsoft+. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .SFW file?

The .SFW file extension stands for a Seattle FilmWorks Image. This type of file is a bitmap image, which means it's a digital picture composed of tiny dots called pixels. It was originally created by a program from Seattle FilmWorks, a company that used to process photographic films. The .SFW file uses a special format that is unique and not widely supported by many modern image viewing or editing software.

However, you can still open and view .SFW files using certain programs. Some of these programs include File Viewer Plus, which you can download from the Microsoft Store, XnViewMP, SFW PhotoWorks, and Lemkesoft GraphicConverter. These applications can help you access and view the contents of .SFW files.

If you need to use the image in more commonly supported formats, you can convert .SFW files to a standard .JPG file. Tools like SFW2JPG and American Greetings SFW & PWP File Converter are specifically designed to perform this conversion. These converters make it easier to handle .SFW files by changing them into a more popular format that can be opened by almost any image viewer or editor.

Additionally, there are online tools and services (referred to as "Web" in the list) that might offer the ability to view or convert .SFW files directly in your web browser, which can be convenient if you do not wish to install software on your computer.


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