.SG0 File Extension

A .SG0 file is a Humongous Entertainment Game Save File, created by Humongous Entertainment.

Open with Humongous Entertainment Pajama Sam's Sock Works. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .SG0 file?

The .SG0 file extension is associated with certain video games made by Humongous Entertainment, which is known for creating popular children's games like Backyard Baseball and the Pajama Sam series. These .SG0 files are important because they contain the saved progress of a player's game. This means that when you save your game while playing, the game's progress is stored in an .SG0 file. Later, when you want to continue playing from where you left off, the game looks for the .SG0 file to load your previous progress.

These files are specifically used by games that run on the SCUMM engine, which is a script utility used by many of Humongous Entertainment's games to handle game data and interactions. The .SG0 file is typically found in the same folder where the game stores all its other data files, often labeled as the "saved game" directory.

To open or use an .SG0 file, you need to have the appropriate Humongous Entertainment game installed on your computer. For example, if the .SG0 file is from the game Pajama Sam's Sock Works, you need to have that specific game installed to access and continue your saved game. There isn't a separate program to open .SG0 files; they are accessed through the game itself.

In summary, .SG0 files are crucial for saving and loading your progress in certain Humongous Entertainment games. These files ensure that you can pick up right where you left off in your game adventures.


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