.SGM File Extension

A .SGM file is a SGML File, created by VisualBoyAdvance.

Open with VisualBoyAdvance. Available for Windows.

What is a .SGM file?

File Extension: .SGM File Type: SGML File Description: The .SGM file is a type of saved state file specifically created by VisualBoyAdvance, which is an emulator for Game Boy games. This file contains a snapshot of the game's current state, captured at any moment the player chooses to save during gameplay. This feature is particularly useful because it allows players to save their progress at any point, not just at designated save points within the game. The saved state can include the player's exact position, items, and completed levels, among other game details. Players can later load this file to resume the game from the exact point where they saved.

Programs that Open .SGM Files: The primary program that can open and use .SGM files is VisualBoyAdvance. This emulator allows you to play Game Boy games on computers by mimicking the Game Boy hardware. When you load an .SGM file in VisualBoyAdvance, you can continue playing the game from where the save state was created.

More Information: It's important to note that .SGM files may also be referred to with the .SGML extension, but they function in the same way. Ensure that the file association settings on your computer allow VisualBoyAdvance to open these files directly, facilitating easy access to your saved game states.


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