.SGP File Extension

A .SGP file is a MP3 Audio Mixer Sound Group Project, created by Acoustica.

Open with Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer. Available for Windows.

What is a .SGP file?

The .SGP file extension is associated with MP3 Audio Mixer Sound Group Project files. These files are created using the software called Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer. This program is designed for users who want to mix multiple audio tracks to create custom sound compositions. The .SGP files do not contain the actual audio data. Instead, they store references to audio files that are included in the mix. These audio files can be in formats such as .MP3, .WMA, or .WAV.

In addition to storing references to different audio files, the .SGP file also saves important information about how these files are arranged in the project. This includes the timeline offsets, which indicate where each audio file starts and stops within the mix, and any special effects that have been applied to each track.

To open an .SGP file, you need to use the Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer software. This is the specific program that understands how to read and process the data contained in the .SGP file, allowing you to view, edit, or play back the audio mix as it was originally created. Other programs will not be able to open this file type properly because they do not recognize the specific format and data structure used in .SGP files.


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