.SGR File Extension

A .SGR file is a SimCity 4 Graphics Rules File, created by Electronic Arts.

Open with Electronic Arts SimCity 4. Available for Windows.

What is a .SGR file?

The .SGR file extension is associated with SimCity 4, a video game where players build and manage their own city. This game was created by Maxis, which is part of the larger company, Electronic Arts. The .SGR files, specifically, are important for the game because they contain instructions that tell the game how to work with different video graphics cards. These instructions help ensure that the game displays correctly on various computer systems.

The .SGR files are particularly used not only in the main game of SimCity 4 but also in any additional content or expansion packs that add more features to the game. Two common .SGR files are named Graphics Rules.sgr and Video Cards.sgr. These files are included when you install the game from the original discs or from other sources.

To open and use .SGR files, you need to have SimCity 4 installed on your computer. The game itself uses these files to configure its settings to match your video card, ensuring that the graphics display properly. There isn't a need to open these files separately in another program since they are configured to work within SimCity 4. If you need to access these files for troubleshooting or modifications, you would typically find them in the directory where SimCity 4 is installed, or on the installation discs if you are setting up the game for the first time.


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