.SH2 File Extension

A .SH2 file is a Stronghold 2 Saved Game, created by HeavenGames.

Open with HeavenGames Stronghold 2. Available for Windows.

What is a .SH2 file?

The file extension .SH2 is associated with a saved game file for Stronghold 2, which is a video game set in medieval times where players build and manage their own castle and engage in real-time strategy. The .SH2 file contains all the necessary information to save the current state of a player's game. This includes details like the amount of resources available (such as wood, stone, and food), the types and numbers of units (like soldiers and workers), and the buildings and structures that have been constructed.

These saved game files are crucial for players who want to stop playing at a certain point and then resume their game later without losing any progress. By saving the game into a .SH2 file, all the current game settings, resources, and placements are stored, and can be reloaded exactly as they were when the game was saved.

To open a .SH2 file, you need to use the game Stronghold 2 itself, specifically through a component or utility often provided by fan sites or the game developers, such as HeavenGames Stronghold 2. This program allows you to load the saved game file directly into Stronghold 2 so you can continue playing from where you left off.


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