.SHAPES File Extension

A .SHAPES file is a Pixelmator Pro Shapes, created by Pixelmator Team.

Open with Vim. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .SHAPES file?

A .SHAPES file is a type of file used by Pixelmator Pro, which is a program designed for editing images professionally. This file format stores one or more custom shapes that can be used within Pixelmator Pro. These shapes are special because they are vector graphics, meaning they can be resized without losing quality, and they are defined using XML, a code that structures data.

When you have a .SHAPES file, you can import it into Pixelmator Pro to add these custom shapes to your image projects, specifically those saved as .PXD files, which is the native file format for images created in Pixelmator Pro.

To open a .SHAPES file, you can use several programs: - **Pixelmator Pro**: This is the primary software intended for these files, allowing you to work directly with the shapes in your image editing projects. - **Text editors**: Since .SHAPES files are coded in XML, you can open and view the contents using any basic text editor. Common text editors include Microsoft Notepad, which is included with Windows operating systems, Apple TextEdit, which comes with macOS, and Vim, which is a powerful text editor used often by programmers. These editors won't allow you to use the shapes in image editing but will let you see and edit the raw XML code if needed.

Using these tools, you can either edit the shapes at a code level or use them graphically in Pixelmator Pro to enhance your images.


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