.SHB File Extension

A .SHB file is a Windows Document Shortcut, created by Microsoft.

Open with Runs itself. Available for Windows.

What is a .SHB file?

The file extension .SHB refers to a Windows Document Shortcut. This type of file acts as a shortcut, meaning it provides a quick way to open a specific document on a Windows operating system by simply double-clicking on it. The .SHB file is managed and executed by a component of Windows called the Windows Shell Scrap Object Handler, which is associated with the file shscrap.dll. This makes the .SHB file function similarly to a .LNK file, which is more commonly known and used as a shortcut to programs or files.

However, .SHB files are specifically used for opening documents and are not as widely utilized as .LNK files. They are also sometimes referred to as "Windows Shortcut into a Document." In terms of opening or running .SHB files, they are designed to execute automatically when double-clicked. This means that no specific external program is needed to open them, as they are handled by the Windows operating system itself. The process is integrated into the system, allowing for seamless access to the linked documents.


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