.SHK File Extension

A .SHK file is a ShrinkIt Archive, created by N/A.

Open with GS-ShrinkIt. Available for Mac.

What is a .SHK file?

The file extension .SHK refers to a ShrinkIt Archive file. This type of file is used primarily on the Apple II computer system. It is created by compressing one or more files using a program called ShrinkIt. This compression helps in reducing the size of the files, making them easier to store and faster to transfer.

To open a .SHK file, you will need to use a specific program designed for this purpose. The program that can open .SHK files is called GS-ShrinkIt. GS-ShrinkIt is designed to work with the Apple II series of computers, and it allows users to decompress the .SHK files to access the original files contained within the archive.


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