.SHR File Extension

A .SHR file is a Unix Shell Archive File, created by N/A.

Open with unshar. Available for Linux and Windows.

What is a .SHR file?

The file extension .SHR represents a Unix Shell Archive File. This type of file is a self-extracting archive, which means it can automatically extract its contents without needing additional software. It is created using a Unix program called 'shar', which stands for "shell archive." The file contains a shell script, which is a set of commands that tell the computer how to extract the files contained within the archive.

This type of file is primarily used on Unix-based operating systems, such as Linux or macOS, where the Bourne shell (a type of command-line interface) is available. The Bourne shell is necessary because the shell script inside the .SHR file needs it to run the extraction commands.

To open a .SHR file, you can use a program called 'unshar', which is specifically designed to extract these kinds of archives. Another program that can open .SHR files is ZipZag, which is a more general file archiver and extractor.

It's important to note that similar to .SHR files, the extensions .SH and .SHAR are also used for shell archives. These extensions indicate similar types of files that contain scripts for extracting archived data using the shell environment.


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