.SHY File Extension

A .SHY file is a ShyFile Encrypted File, created by Dr. Bootz.

Open with Dr. Bootz ShyFile. Available for Windows.

What is a .SHY file?

The file extension .SHY refers to a ShyFile Encrypted File. This type of file is created using ShyFile, a specialized encryption software. ShyFile uses a unique, proprietary encryption method that can secure files with a very high level of protection, up to 6,144-bit encryption. This makes the contents of the file extremely difficult to access without the correct decryption key.

A .SHY file typically contains important documents or folders that need high security. For example, it can be used to encrypt sensitive Word and Excel documents to prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, it can be used to create secure web pages or safe email attachments, ensuring that only intended recipients can view the content.

To open a .SHY file, you need to use the Dr. Bootz ShyFile program, which is specifically designed to handle this type of encrypted file. This program can decrypt the .SHY file, allowing you to access the encrypted documents or data inside, provided you have the correct decryption key or password.


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