.SIG File Extension

A .SIG file is a Signature File, created by N/A.

Open with Microsoft Outlook 365. Available for Windows.

What is a .SIG file?

A .SIG file is a type of Signature File. It is typically a small text file that is used to automatically add a signature to the end of email messages. This signature usually includes essential information like the sender's name and email address. However, depending on the purpose of the email, the contents of a SIG file can vary. For instance, in a professional setting, the signature might also list the sender's job title, company name, and contact numbers. In more personal emails, the signature could include a favorite quote or a Bible verse.

SIG files are widely supported and can be used with most email programs. For example, in Microsoft Outlook 365, you can easily select a SIG file to be included when you are composing a new email message. To use a SIG file in Outlook 365 or similar email programs, you typically go to the settings or options where you can manage email signatures, choose your SIG file, and set it to be appended to all outgoing emails or only specific ones.

Overall, SIG files are a convenient way to ensure that your emails include a consistent signature with all the necessary contact information or personal touches you wish to convey.


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