.SIM File Extension

A .SIM file is a Aurora Image, created by Valve.

Open with Valve Steam+. Available for Windows.

What is a .SIM file?

File Extension: .SIM File Type: Aurora Image Description: A .SIM file is a type of backup information file utilized by Steam's backup service. This service enables users to backup and restore their games using DVDs or other external storage devices. The .SIM file contains essential settings and additional information necessary for managing the backup process. It works in conjunction with a corresponding .SIS file to ensure that all game data can be accurately restored.

Programs that Open .SIM Files: Valve Steam is the primary program used to open .SIM files. Steam is a popular digital distribution platform for video games, which also provides features like game installation, updates, and community interaction.

More Information: .SIM files are crucial when you need to restore game data from backup files, specifically from .SID files which contain the actual game data. When using Steam to restore a game, the .SIM file helps locate and correctly apply the backup settings and configurations stored in the .SIS and .SID files. This ensures that the game is restored accurately to its previous state.


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