.SIS File Extension

A .SIS file is a Symbian Installation File, created by Symbian.

Open with Nokia Suite. Available for Windows.

What is a .SIS file?

The .SIS file extension stands for a Symbian Installation File. This type of file is used with the Symbian Operating System, which is found on some mobile devices like older Nokia, Ericsson, and Motorola phones, as well as Palm PDAs. A .SIS file is essentially an installer package that contains applications or software meant to be installed on these devices.

These files are created using a tool called "makesis," which is a command line tool part of the CreateSIS software package. This tool helps developers package their applications into the .SIS format so that they can be easily distributed and installed on compatible mobile devices. One common use of .SIS files is to install new themes on S60 series phones, which are a range of Nokia smartphones.

To open a .SIS file, you can use several programs: - **Nokia Suite** or **Nokia PC Suite**: These are software applications provided by Nokia that help manage files, applications, and connections for Nokia phones. - **UnSIS** (Note: This program is discontinued): It was used to extract the contents of .SIS files. - **Easy SIS Creator**: This tool helps create .SIS files for installation on Symbian OS devices. - **Palm OS Emulator**: This emulator can run applications, including those in .SIS format, designed for Palm OS on a different platform like a computer. - **SISContents**: This program allows you to inspect and unpack .SIS files.

To install a .SIS file on a phone that supports this file type, you typically need to transfer the file to the phone using the phone's dedicated communication software. Once the file is on the phone, you can open it to start the installation process of the application or theme contained within the .SIS file.


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