.SKC File Extension

A .SKC file is a SideKick Card File, created by Borland.

Open with Borland SideKick. Available for Windows.

What is a .SKC file?

The file extension .SKC refers to a SideKick Card File, which is a type of database file. This file is created using Borland SideKick, which was one of the early software programs designed to manage personal information. The term "card file" is used because the file acts like a digital card index, primarily holding a list of personal contacts. In addition to contact information, these files can also contain details about calendar events, memos, and records of communications.

To open a .SKC file, you would typically use the Borland SideKick program. Borland SideKick was quite popular and went through several versions, with the last one being SideKick 99. This final version was specifically developed to work on the Windows 98 operating system. If you have a .SKC file, you will need to find a version of Borland SideKick to access the data stored in the file. Since SideKick is an older program, newer operating systems might not support it directly, and running the software might require setting up a compatible environment or finding alternative software that can read .SKC files.


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