.SKN File Extension

A .SKN file is a Symbian OS Skin File, created by Avant Force Avant Browser.

Open with Avant Force Avant Browser (Discontinued). Available for Windows.

What is a .SKN file?

The file extension .SKN refers to a Symbian OS Skin File. This type of file is primarily associated with the Avant Browser, which is a customizable web browser. The .SKN file contains graphics and settings that are used to alter the appearance of the browser. By using these skin files, users can modify how the browser's user interface looks, allowing for a personalized browsing experience.

To use or modify .SKN files, you would typically need specific software. Although the Avant Browser, which originally used these files, has been discontinued, you can still manage .SKN files on devices that run the Symbian OS. Programs like SymbianWare SmartLauncher and Skin Editor are designed for these tasks. With these tools, you can install new skin files to change the browser's appearance or edit existing skins to create a custom look.


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