.SLC File Extension

A .SLC file is a Sokoban Level Collection File, created by N/A.

Open with Any text editor. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .SLC file?

An SLC file is a type of computer file used specifically for storing multiple puzzle levels for games similar to Sokoban, which is a classic Japanese puzzle game where the player pushes crates around in a warehouse to solve puzzles. The file extension ".SLC" stands for Sokoban Level Collection File. This file format is used by various versions of the Sokoban game, including Sokoban++ and Rokoban.

The content of an SLC file includes several puzzle levels, each defined in a structured format using XML, which is a way to store data in a readable format. Inside an SLC file, you can find custom tags that organize the information about the puzzle levels. Additionally, the file contains metadata such as the author's name, the title of the level collection, and a description of each level.

To open an SLC file, you can use specific puzzle game programs like Sokoban++ or PuzzleField. These programs allow you to load the SLC file and then play the levels contained within it. To open the file in these programs, you typically start the program and then drag and drop the SLC file into the program window.

If you want to view or edit the details of the levels, you can also open an SLC file using any standard text editor or an XML editor. This is because the file is formatted in XML, making it readable and editable with text editing software. By opening the file in a text editor, you can see the raw data and make changes to the level information or metadata.

In summary, an SLC file is used to store multiple levels for Sokoban-like puzzle games, and it can be opened using specific game software or any text editor that supports XML files.


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