.SLI File Extension

A .SLI file is a OMSI Spline Configuration File, created by MR Software.

Open with MR Software OMSI The Bus Simulator 2. Available for Windows.

What is a .SLI file?

The .SLI file is a type of configuration file used by the game OMSI The Bus Simulator, which is a game that simulates driving a bus. This file helps manage how the buses and other vehicles move along the roads in the game. It is similar to other configuration files used in the game, such as .HUM, .SCO, and .BUS files.

The .SLI file contains specific data that helps control both human-driven and computer-controlled (AI) traffic within the game. This includes defining the paths or roads that vehicles follow. Players can edit these files to change how traffic behaves in the game, making it possible to customize the driving experience.

To open and edit .SLI files, you need to use the program MR Software OMSI The Bus Simulator 2. This is the software that originally creates and uses these files.

The structure of an .SLI file is organized by keywords followed by numerical data. For example, a section of the file might start with the keyword [heightprofile], followed by numbers that specify coordinates and heights at those coordinates. This format tells the game how to interpret the data for creating realistic road elevations and other features.

Here is a brief example of what part of an .SLI file might look like: ``` [heightprofile] -8.000 - First X-coordinate (begin) -4.000 - Second X-coordinate (end) 0.500 - Height at the First coordinate 0.250 - Height at the Second coordinate ``` In this example, the game uses the coordinates and height data to determine how the road should rise or fall as the bus drives along that route. Each line of data must follow this structured format for the game to read it correctly.


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