.SLP File Extension

A .SLP file is a Sisulizer Project File, created by MAGIX.

Open with Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .SLP file?

An SLP file is a type of project file specifically used by Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro, which is a sophisticated tool for editing audio spectrums. This program allows users to work with multiple audio layers, where each layer can have its own set of edits and filters. This functionality is particularly useful for tasks such as separating audio files into individual components, isolating specific sounds, and shaping audio in customized ways. Sound engineers and audio-video editors commonly use this file type for advanced audio editing projects.

To open an SLP file, you need to use Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro. This program is designed to handle the complex features stored in SLP files, such as multiple audio layers and specialized audio editing capabilities.

Additionally, SLP files are also used in a different context by players of the game Stormworks. In this scenario, SLP files contain modifications (mods) such as additional vehicles, parts, structures, cosmetic enhancements, and gameplay options. Players can download these SLP files from platforms like Discord or GitHub, and then use a tool called StormLoader to import and apply these mods to their game. StormLoader allows players to manage different sets of mods through profiles, enabling them to switch between various custom setups of the game. To use SLP files in this way, players must first import the files into StormLoader and then start Stormworks through StormLoader, which integrates the mods into the game.


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