.SMA File Extension

A .SMA file is a AMX Mod Plugin Source File, created by N/A.

Open with AMX Mod. Available for Linux and Windows.

What is a .SMA file?

The file extension .SMA stands for AMX Mod Plugin Source File. This type of file contains the source code for plugins specifically designed for AMX Mod or AMX Mod X. These plugins are used to modify and enhance Valve's popular game, Half-Life, and other similar games that support the same modification framework.

The .SMA file itself is a text file that includes programming code. This code dictates how the game's behavior will be altered or enhanced when the plugin is activated. However, before a .SMA file can be used in the game, it must be compiled. Compiling transforms the source code into a binary plugin file, which the game engine can then read and execute. For AMX Mod, the compiled files have the .AMX extension, whereas for AMX Mod X, the compiled files use the .AMXX extension.

To open and edit .SMA files, you can use programs specifically designed for AMX Mod and AMX Mod X development. These programs include: - AMX Mod: This is a modification manager used to manage and run the plugins for Half-Life and its mods. - AMX Mod X: This is an evolution of AMX Mod that supports more games and includes more features.

Both of these programs not only allow you to open and modify .SMA files but also compile them into the necessary binary format (.AMX or .AMXX) for use in the game.


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