.SMDH File Extension

A .SMDH file is a 3DS Game Metadata, created by Nintendo.

Open with SMDH Creator. Available for Windows.

What is a .SMDH file?

An .SMDH file is a type of data file specifically used with Nintendo 3DS video games. This file contains important information about the game, including the icons you see on the 3DS menu, the game's title in different languages, settings that vary by region like age ratings, and other relevant data. These files are crucial for the game to be recognized and properly managed by the 3DS system.

While .SMDH files are commonly associated with official games released by Nintendo, they are also used in the development and distribution of homebrew games. Homebrew games are unofficial games created by hobbyists and developers for systems like the 3DS, often requiring special software like The Homebrew Launcher to run on the console.

To create or manage .SMDH files, you can use a program called SMDH Creator. This tool allows developers to generate or modify .SMDH files for their games, ensuring that all necessary metadata is correctly formatted and included. SMDH Creator is accessible online, making it convenient for developers working on 3DS game projects.


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