.SME File Extension

A .SME file is a SmartEncryptor Encrypted File, created by Samsung.

Open with Samsung Kies. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .SME file?

A .SME file is a type of encrypted file used specifically by Samsung backup software, including Samsung Kies and Samsung Smart Switch. This file format is designed to store a backup of data from your Samsung mobile phone. The contents typically include text messages (SMS) and notes (memos) that you've saved on your phone. The .SME file format is similar to another Samsung backup file format called .SBU.

To open or manage .SME files, you can use the following programs: 1. **Samsung Kies** - This software is often provided with Samsung phones and can be used to view and manage the contents of .SME files. You can import these files back into a Samsung mobile device that supports Kies.

2. **Samsung Smart Switch** - This program is available for multiple platforms including Windows, macOS, and Android. It allows you to restore data from .SME files to your Samsung phone and also to create backups of your phone's data.

3. **Samsung Smart Switch Mobile** - This is an app available for Android devices that facilitates the transfer of data between mobile devices, including the handling of .SME files directly on your phone.

In summary, if you have a .SME file, you can use Samsung Kies or Samsung Smart Switch on your computer or the Smart Switch Mobile app on your Android device to access or restore the data stored in these files. These tools are essential for managing backups and ensuring that your mobile data is securely stored and easily transferable.


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