.SMO File Extension

A .SMO file is a Sumotori Dreams Arena File, created by

Open with Sumotori Dreams. Available for Windows.

What is a .SMO file?

The file extension .SMO is associated with Sumotori Dreams, a video game that features simulated rag doll wrestlers. The .SMO files are important because they contain the settings and properties for the arenas where these rag doll wrestlers compete. These files can include both arenas that players have created themselves, known as "mods," and the standard arenas that come with the game when you first install it.

To use these .SMO files, you need to have the Sumotori Dreams game installed on your computer. This game is available from Once you have the game, you can open .SMO files by starting the game and selecting the "Play Mod" option from the main menu. This lets you load and play in the custom or default arenas contained in the .SMO file.


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