.SMP File Extension

A .SMP file is a SampleVision Audio Sample Format, created by Salvat.

Open with Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .SMP file?

A .SMP file is a type of audio file specifically used in the SampleVision Audio Sample Format. It is essentially an encrypted version of an .MP3 file. These files are typically found on memory cards that are used with specific types of children's audiobook players, such as the Salvat AudioCuentos or Märchenheld Sammlung audio players. The content within these files usually includes children's audiobooks.

The encryption on the .SMP files means that they can only be played on specific audio players designed for AudioCuentos and Märchenheld collections. This specialized format ensures that the audio content is secure and can only be accessed through the intended devices.

To open a .SMP file, you would generally need specific software. Some of the programs that can open these files include and SMP2MP3. These programs are designed to either play or convert the .SMP files into a more commonly used audio format like .MP3, making it possible to listen to the content on other devices.

Additionally, there is a mention of ScrapeMate, a separate application unrelated to audio files, which also uses the .SMP file extension for a different purpose. In the context of ScrapeMate, an .SMP file is used to save ScrapeMaps, which are essentially templates for scraping data from websites. ScrapeMate allows users to select a website, filter and sort the data they wish to collect, and save this configuration as an .SMP file. This file can then be used to export the collected data into various formats such as Excel (.XLSX), CSV (.CSV), or SQL (.SQL) files. However, it's important to note that ScrapeMate is no longer being developed by skyLyn Applications.


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