.SMS File Extension

A .SMS file is a Sega Master System ROM, created by N/A.

Open with MasterGear. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .SMS file?

The file extension .SMS refers to a ROM image file specifically for Sega Master System video games. This type of file contains a copy of the data that is originally stored on a Sega Master System game cartridge. Essentially, it's like a digital version of the physical game cartridge.

You can use these .SMS files to play Sega Master System games on a computer rather than needing the original game console. To do this, you need special software known as an emulator, which mimics the Sega Master System's hardware and allows you to run these games on either a Mac or a PC.

There are several programs available that can open and run .SMS files. Some of the popular ones include: - **MasterGear**: This emulator can run Sega Master System games and is available for various platforms, including Windows and Android. - **Fusion**: Also known as Kega Fusion, this is a versatile emulator that supports multiple Sega consoles, including the Master System. - **zeSMS**: This is another option for playing Sega Master System games on your computer. - **MESS (Multi Emulator Super System)**: This emulator can run a large variety of different systems, including the Sega Master System. - **Meka**: A user-friendly emulator that supports multiple Sega consoles. - **SMSPLUS**: This is a straightforward emulator focused on Sega systems. - **SMS Plus**: Similar to SMSPLUS, it supports Sega Master System games. - **MacMESS**: This is a version of MESS designed specifically for Mac computers. - **MasterGear**: Also listed earlier, it's worth noting again as a reliable option for both Windows and Android users.

To play a game using one of these emulators, you typically need to install the emulator software on your computer, then open the .SMS file through the emulator's interface. This will load the game, allowing you to play it using your computer's keyboard or a connected game controller.


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