.SN2 File Extension

A .SN2 file is a Drive Snapshot Backup Continuation 2, created by Tom Ehlert.

Open with Tom Ehlert Drive Snapshot. Available for Windows.

What is a .SN2 file?

A .SN2 file is a type of file used to store part of a backup of a computer's disk. It is specifically the third segment of a complete backup made using a program called Drive Snapshot. Drive Snapshot is a tool designed for Windows computers that helps users create a full copy of all the data on their hard drives. This is useful for recovering your system in case of data loss or system failure.

The .SN2 file is not standalone; it works as part of a set. The first part of the backup is saved as a .SNA file, the second part as a .SN1 file, and the .SN2 file follows them. There can be more files in the sequence, like .SN3, .SN4, etc., depending on the size of the backup. Each file in the sequence is necessary to complete the full backup image.

To open or use a .SN2 file, you need to have Drive Snapshot installed on your computer. This program can read the .SN2 file along with its related files (.SNA, .SN1, etc.) to restore your computer's data or to view the contents of the backup. Without the complete set of files and the Drive Snapshot software, a .SN2 file cannot be effectively used.


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