.SNC File Extension

A .SNC file is a Sonic Adventure DX Game Save Data, created by SEGA and Sonic Team.

Open with Sonic Adventure DX. Available for Windows.

What is a .SNC file?

An SNC file is a type of data file specifically used by the computer game Sonic Adventure DX. This file stores information about a player's progress within the game, including achievements in the story mode or in various minigames. Essentially, it helps the game remember where the player left off, so they can resume playing from the same point.

For the original release of Sonic Adventure DX, the main game save file is typically named SonicDX01.snc. However, for the 2011 re-release of the game, this file is usually called SonicAdventure01.snc. These names help the game and the player identify the correct save file to load.

To open or manage SNC files, you can use the game itself, Sonic Adventure DX, which automatically accesses these files to load or save game progress. Additionally, there is a utility called SASave, which is designed to view or modify the contents of SNC files. This can be useful for backing up save files, transferring them to another PC, or even editing game progress.


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