.SNG File Extension

A .SNG file is a MIDI Song, created by Korg.

Open with Alchemist. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .SNG file?

The file extension .SNG is associated with a MIDI Song file type. This type of file is specifically used by devices made by Korg that are compatible with MIDI, such as certain synthesizers. The .SNG file contains musical notes and other audio data stored in a format that is proprietary, meaning it is unique to Korg devices. These files are primarily used to playback songs and music loops on Korg electronic instruments.

The .SNG files can also be converted into other more common file formats, such as .MID, which is a standard MIDI file. This conversion allows the files to be used with a wider range of music software and devices.

To open or work with .SNG files, you can use several programs: 1. **Alchemist** - This software is capable of handling .SNG files, allowing users to manage and convert these files as needed. 2. ** sng2midi** - This is a specific tool available from that converts .SNG files into the standard MIDI format (.MID), making them usable in other music applications that support MIDI files. 3. ** sng2bsq** - Another tool from, this program converts .SNG files into a different format known as .BSQ, which may be required for specific uses.

These programs provide the necessary tools to open, play, and convert .SNG files, ensuring compatibility with various music production environments.


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