.SNO File Extension

A .SNO file is a Starry Night Pro Data File, created by Simulation Curriculum.

Open with Simulation Curriculum Starry Night Pro. Available for Mac.

What is a .SNO file?

The .SNO file extension is associated with Starry Night Pro, a software program designed for astronomy enthusiasts. This type of file, known as a Starry Night Pro Data File, contains important settings that control how various celestial objects and phenomena, like constellations, planets, and meteor showers, are displayed within the application.

To open a .SNO file, you need to use the program called Simulation Curriculum Starry Night Pro. This application allows users to explore and study the night sky in a detailed and interactive manner.

Here’s more detailed information on how to use .SNO files in Starry Night Pro: 1. **Creating a Default View:** - To set up a default view that will automatically load each time you start the program, go to the "Options" menu, then choose "Save Current Options As Default." After clicking "Save" in the prompt that appears, a .SNO file will be created. This file is saved in the "Prefs\[application version]" directory on your computer.

2. **Creating a Preset View:** - If you want to save a specific view of the sky that you can return to later, go to "Options," then select "Save Preset...". Here, you can name your preset, choose where to save it (the default location is the "Sky Data\View Options" folder), and then click "Save." This action also creates a .SNO file.

3. **Using a Preset View:** - To load a preset view, navigate to "Options," then "Presets," and select the view you want from the list. These preset views are stored as .SNO files in the "Sky Data\View Options" folder.

By using these features, you can customize and save your preferred views of the night sky, making your stargazing experience more personalized and enjoyable.


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