.SP2 File Extension

A .SP2 file is a Super Ball 2 Level File, created by Super Ball 2.

Open with Super Ball 2. Available for Windows.

What is a .SP2 file?

The file extension .SP2 refers to a Super Ball 2 Level File. This type of file is associated with the video game Super Ball 2, which combines elements of the games Alleyway and Super Mario Brothers. In Super Ball 2, players navigate levels filled with blocks that can be destroyed and enemy characters known as koopas.

An .SP2 file contains data for a specific game level. This includes the arrangement and properties of blocks that can be broken and the placement of koopas that the player must avoid or defeat. These files are particularly useful for players who want to create their own custom levels to play and share.

To create or modify an .SP2 file, players can use the level editor provided within the Super Ball 2 game. This editor is available once the game is launched and allows players to design and save their custom levels.

To open an .SP2 file, you will need to have Super Ball 2 installed on your computer. This game is the primary program that can interpret and load the data contained in .SP2 files, enabling you to play through the custom levels or edit them further.


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