.SPC File Extension

A .SPC file is a Spectrum 512 Compressed Image, created by N/A.

Open with Audio Overload. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .SPC file?

The file extension .SPC represents a Spectrum 512 Compressed Image, which is actually an audio file format primarily used for storing music extracted from SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) video games. These files contain soundtracks that are 16-bit and have a sample rate of 32KHz. The audio in these files is typically extracted from an SNES game ROM (Read-Only Memory), which is done using an SNES emulator—a software that mimics the SNES console on a computer.

The .SPC file format is specifically designed to hold the music data that was processed by the SPC700 sound chip found in the SNES gaming console. This chip was responsible for creating the distinctive soundtracks heard in many classic video games from the SNES era.

To open and listen to .SPC files, several software programs can be used. These include: 1. **Audio Overload** - A dedicated player for video game music files, including .SPC files. 2. **Audacious** - A versatile audio player that supports a wide range of audio file formats. 3. **vspcplay** - Specifically designed for playing .SPC files. 4. **Nullsoft Winamp with SNESAmp plug-in** - Winamp is a popular media player that, when equipped with the SNESAmp plug-in, can play .SPC files. 5. **Foobar2000** - Another advanced audio player that can handle .SPC files with the appropriate plug-ins. 6. **Cog** - A free and open-source audio player that supports multiple formats including .SPC.

These programs allow users to enjoy the classic soundtracks from SNES games on their computers, preserving the nostalgic sounds of that era. The .SPC files are popular among video game enthusiasts and music lovers who appreciate the audio from the golden age of video gaming.


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