.SPECTRUS File Extension

A .SPECTRUS file is a Spectrus Dataset, created by ACD/Labs.

Open with ACD/Labs Spectrus. Available for Windows.

What is a .SPECTRUS file?

A .SPECTRUS file is a type of data file specifically used for storing spectroscopic datasets. These datasets are created and managed using a software program called ACD/Labs Spectrus. Spectroscopy is a scientific technique used to analyze the properties of light and other types of energy, which is crucial in fields like chemistry and physics.

The .SPECTRUS file extension is associated with the Spectrus Dataset, which includes various types of spectroscopic data. This data can include information gathered from experiments or analysis involving the interaction of light with matter, which helps scientists understand the composition and behavior of different substances at a molecular level.

ACD/Labs Spectrus, the program used to open and work with .SPECTRUS files, provides tools for viewing, analyzing, and reporting the data contained in these files. This means that scientists and researchers can use Spectrus to open .SPECTRUS files, look at the detailed spectroscopic data, perform different types of analysis to interpret the data, and create reports based on their findings.

In summary, if you have a .SPECTRUS file, you will need the ACD/Labs Spectrus software to open it. This software is specifically designed to handle the complex data in these files and assist users in conducting thorough scientific analysis and reporting.


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