.SPG File Extension

A .SPG file is a TCP Optimizer Backup File, created by

Open with TCP Optimizer. Available for Windows.

What is a .SPG file?

The file extension .SPG is associated with a TCP Optimizer Backup File. This type of file contains a backup of network settings that have been configured using TCP Optimizer, a software tool developed by The purpose of this file is to save a copy of your network settings so that if changes are made and issues arise, you can revert to the original settings using this backup.

To use an .SPG file to restore your network settings to a previous state, you need to open the TCP Optimizer program. Once the program is open, you can restore the settings by going to the menu and selecting "File," then "Restore backed up settings." This action will load the settings from the .SPG file back into your system.

The .SPG files are typically named in a format that includes the date and time of the backup, such as "sg_backup_[date]-[time].spg." This naming convention makes it easier to identify and select the correct backup file when you need to restore settings.

The primary program that opens .SPG files is the TCP Optimizer. This program is specifically designed to optimize and manage network settings on Windows computers. Starting from version 2 of TCP Optimizer, the program automatically creates these backup files whenever changes are made to the network settings, ensuring that a previous configuration is always available for restoration if needed.


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