.SPI File Extension

A .SPI file is a ShadowProtect Incremental Backup File, created by StorageCraft.

Open with StorageCraft Technology ShadowProtect. Available for Windows.

What is a .SPI file?

A .SPI file is a type of backup file used by a program called StorageCraft ShadowProtect, which is designed to help with backing up and recovering data on computers that run Windows. This file specifically holds what is known as incremental backup data. Incremental backup means that the file only contains the new changes made to the computer's data since the last backup was done, rather than copying all the data again.

To fully restore a system using a .SPI file, you need to have the original full backup file, which is saved as an .SPF file, as well as any other .SPI files created after the .SPF file. For instance, if you have one full backup (.SPF) and two incremental backups (.SPI), and you want to restore your computer to the state it was during the second incremental backup, you will need to use the .SPF file and both .SPI files. The program, ShadowProtect, will use these files to reconstruct your system's data up to that point.

To open or use .SPI files, you need to have StorageCraft ShadowProtect installed on your computer. Another program that can work with .SPI files is VMware vCenter Converter, which is used for converting and managing virtual machines, but its primary use with .SPI files would generally be in a more specialized context, like converting physical machines to virtual ones.

In summary, .SPI files are crucial for restoring only the recent changes made to a system, making the backup process more efficient by not duplicating unchanged data. They are part of a broader system of backup files that include .SPF and potentially other .SPI files, all managed through the ShadowProtect software.


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