.SPJ File Extension

A .SPJ file is a Microsoft ICE Panorama Project, created by NCH Software.

Open with NCH PhotoStage. Available for Windows.

What is a .SPJ file?

File Extension: .SPJ File Type: Microsoft ICE Panorama Project Description: An .SPJ file is primarily associated with Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE), a program used for creating high-resolution panoramas. However, it is also a project file type used by NCH PhotoStage slideshow software. In the context of NCH PhotoStage, an .SPJ file contains a multimedia presentation that is organized in a specific sequence. This presentation can include various elements such as text, shapes, pictures, video clips, music, narration, and various visual effects and transitions. It's important to note that .SPJ files do not actually contain the media files themselves; instead, they store references to these files, which must be separately available on your computer for the project to work correctly.

Programs that can open .SPJ files: 1. Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE) - Used for creating panoramic images. 2. NCH PhotoStage - Used for creating multimedia slideshows.

More Information: In NCH PhotoStage, you can manage and edit .SPJ files to create or modify your slideshow projects. These files help in organizing and saving your work in a project format, which can be reopened and edited anytime. To create or manage .SPJ files in PhotoStage, you typically use the software's interface, which allows you to import media, add effects, and sequence your presentation as desired.

Note: It is also mentioned that production job files (.SPJ) can be managed using the Production Job dialog in some utilities, which is accessed through a specific menu path (Utilities → Production Job). However, be aware that production jobs created in older versions of certain software (like SPSS version 15 or earlier, which uses .SPP files) may not be compatible with newer versions (SPSS 16 or later).


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