.SPLANE File Extension

A .SPLANE file is a Simple Planes Plane File, created by Jundroo.

Open with Jundroo Simple Planes. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .SPLANE file?

The .SPLANE file extension is associated with Simple Planes, a game that allows players to build and fly airplanes in a realistic manner. This type of file, known as a Simple Planes Plane File, contains all the necessary details to represent an airplane model within the game. Specifically, it includes information about the airplane's wingspan, length, height, empty and loaded weights, paint color, drag points, number of parts, control surfaces (like ailerons and rudders), and the total area of the wings. These details help define how the plane looks and operates within the game.

To open a .SPLANE file, you need to use the Simple Planes software developed by Jundroo. This program is available on multiple platforms including PCs (through Jundroo Simple Planes software), iOS devices, and Android devices. Each platform's version of the game can open and use the .SPLANE files to load different plane models.

Additionally, .SPLANE files are designed to be shared among users. This means you can export your airplane designs from the game and share them with other players. Likewise, you can import plane files from others into your game. This sharing can be done directly between users or through uploading and downloading the files to and from the Simple Planes website, facilitating a community of users who can exchange their custom-designed planes.


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