.SQF File Extension

A .SQF file is a Sothink SWF Quicker File, created by Bohemia Interactive.

Open with Bohemia Interactive ArmA: Armed Assault. Available for Windows.

What is a .SQF file?

The file extension .SQF stands for Sothink SWF Quicker File, which is a script file type used in the ArmA series of games. ArmA games are tactical military simulation games developed by Bohemia Interactive. The .SQF file contains a set of functions and commands that allow players to customize or modify how the game behaves during play. These modifications can affect various aspects of the game, such as player actions, game environment, or mission parameters.

When you load a mission in any of the ArmA games, the game's engine reads and processes the .SQF file to apply the custom scripts to the gameplay. This allows for a more personalized gaming experience, as players can tweak the game to suit their preferences or create unique scenarios.

To open or edit .SQF files, you can use the following programs, which are specifically designed for the ArmA series: 1. Bohemia Interactive ArmA: Armed Assault 2. Bohemia Interactive ArmA 2 3. Bohemia Interactive ArmA 3 These programs provide the necessary tools to work with .SQF files, enabling you to create or modify scripts for use in the game.


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