.SQL File Extension

A .SQL file is a Structured Query Language Data File, created by ISO/IEC.

Open with MySQL. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .SQL file?

The file extension .SQL refers to a Structured Query Language Data File. This type of file contains code written in SQL, which is a programming language specifically designed for managing and manipulating databases. SQL files include commands that can create or alter database structures, as well as perform tasks like inserting, updating, or deleting data within a database.

SQL was developed in the 1970s by IBM and later became a standard language for relational database management systems (RDBMS) when it was adopted by the ANSI and ISO standard groups in 1986. Over the years, SQL has been updated to include more features and has led to the creation of variations like Mini SQL (mSQL) and MySQL.

You can open .SQL files with a variety of software programs. Popular options include: - MySQL and Richardson RazorSQL: These are database management tools that allow you to execute SQL scripts. - Text editors: Simple text editing programs like Microsoft Notepad (included with Windows OS), Apple TextEdit (included with macOS), gVim, and other generic text editors can open SQL files for basic editing. - Specialized SQL editors: Tools like Devart dbForge Studio for MySQL, MalcolmHardie Solutions SQLEditor, MacroMates TextMate, and Bare Bones BBEdit offer more advanced features tailored for SQL file handling. - Integrated development environments (IDEs): Programs like Microsoft Visual Studio Code provide comprehensive tools for coding, including support for SQL files. - File Viewer Plus and File Viewer for Android: These are versatile file viewing applications that support a wide range of file types, including SQL files.

SQL files are primarily used by web developers and database administrators. As SQL is a standard language for managing databases, these files are crucial for the development and maintenance of robust, data-driven applications and websites.

Note: SQL can be pronounced as either "S-Q-L" or "Sequel," depending on personal or regional preference.


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