.SQM File Extension

A .SQM file is a Service Quality Monitoring File, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft Windows. Available for Windows.

What is a .SQM file?

The .SQM file extension stands for Service Quality Monitoring File. This type of file is essentially a log file that is generated by a program called the Service Quality Monitor, which operates on Windows computers. The main purpose of an SQM file is to record various types of information about how the computer and its applications are functioning. This includes details about how often applications are used, their performance levels, and any errors that might occur while they are running.

The data collected in SQM files is quite valuable because it can be sent to Microsoft. When Microsoft receives this data, it uses the information to identify issues and improve the performance and reliability of its software programs. This process helps in enhancing the overall user experience by making software more efficient and less prone to errors.

SQM files are commonly associated with several Microsoft programs, including Windows Live Messenger and Microsoft Office, among others. These files are usually saved directly on the main hard drive of the computer, typically at the root level, which is often denoted as C:\.

To open an SQM file, you would generally use the operating system itself, as Microsoft Windows has built-in support for accessing and handling these files. There isn't typically a need for any special software to view the contents of an SQM file, although understanding the detailed logs and data might require technical knowledge of how these systems operate.


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