.SQZ File Extension

A .SQZ file is a Squeeze Project File, created by Sorenson Media.

Open with Sorenson Squeeze. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .SQZ file?

An SQZ file is a type of project file used by a software called Sorenson Squeeze. This software was designed to help users compress and change the format of video files. The SQZ file itself is written in a format known as XML and it includes important information about how a video was compressed and converted, such as the settings used for video encoding and a history of the video's conversion processes.

These files are particularly useful because they can also hold settings for converting videos through a cloud-based service known as Squeeze Server. However, it's important to note that SQZ files do not contain the video files themselves. Instead, they only contain links or references to where the actual video files are stored. This means that if you move the original video files to a different location on your computer, the SQZ file might not work properly because it cannot find the videos.

You can open SQZ files using Sorenson Squeeze, the program that creates them. Since Sorenson Squeeze was discontinued in 2018, finding this program might be difficult, but if you have it, it's the best tool for the job. Alternatively, because SQZ files are essentially text files in XML format, you can also view them using any text editor like Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on macOS. This won't allow you to use the file in the same way as Sorenson Squeeze, but you can see and edit the settings and references contained in the file.

Sorenson Squeeze was available for both Windows and macOS and supported a wide range of video formats. It allowed users to specify various properties of the video such as the container, codec, and aspect ratio. It also had features to optimize videos for different platforms and services like YouTube and Amazon Web Services. When using Sorenson Squeeze, all the settings and changes made to a video were saved in an SQZ file, making it easier to manage video projects or repeat the same encoding settings in the future.


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