.SSC File Extension

A .SSC file is a SourceSafe Status File, created by StepMania.

Open with StepMania. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .SSC file?

The file extension .SSC stands for a SourceSafe Status File, but it is commonly used as a song file by StepMania, which is a 3D graphics dance and rhythm video game. The .SSC file contains important information about a song, including the song's title, the artist who performed it, and the genre of the music. It also has references to the music files and image files that are used in the game. These files are essential for creating and playing different types of songs in the game, such as those for dancing, pumping, beating, and playing guitar rhythms.

To open an .SSC file, you can use the StepMania program, which is specifically designed for this purpose. Other programs like ArrowVortex can also open .SSC files. These programs allow you to view and edit the contents of the file, which include various tags that start with a "#" symbol followed by a specific tag name. Examples of these tags are TITLE, SUBTITLE, ARTIST, BACKGROUND, MUSIC, and BPMS, which stand for beats per minute. Each tag is followed by a value, which could be text or numbers, providing details about the song.

The .SSC files also contain a VERSION tag, which indicates the version of the file format. This is important to ensure that the file is compatible with the version of the software being used, as updates in the software might change how files are read.

It's important to note that the .SSC file extension has replaced the older .SM file extension previously used in StepMania. This change was likely made to support new features or to improve the file format.

In summary, if you are using StepMania and need to open a song file, look for files with the .SSC extension and use StepMania or compatible software like ArrowVortex to open and manage these files.


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