.SSF File Extension

A .SSF file is a Trimble Standard Storage Format File, created by Trimble Navigation.

Open with Trimble Navigation GPS Pathfinder Office (Discontinued). Available for Windows.

What is a .SSF file?

An SSF file is a type of data file used specifically by certain software applications developed by Trimble, a company that specializes in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) mapping and GPS (Global Positioning System) technology. These applications are designed to work with GPS devices to gather data directly from the field. The SSF file itself stores GPS positioning data that has been recorded using a Trimble GPS device. This data is crucial for tasks that involve logging GPS locations and developing custom coordinate systems tailored to specific mapping needs.

To open an SSF file, you can use several programs, although some may be discontinued. One such program is Trimble Navigation GPS Pathfinder Office, which, despite being discontinued, was widely used for processing SSF files. Another option is the Trimble Navigation GPS Pathfinder Tools SDK, which is a set of tools for developers who need to integrate GPS data handling into their applications. Additionally, ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop can open SSF files if it is equipped with the Trimble GPS Analyst plug-in, which allows for the integration and analysis of GPS data within the ArcGIS environment.

More detailed information about SSF files includes their use in differential postprocessing, a method used to enhance the accuracy of the GPS positions recorded. This process can correct any potential errors in the GPS data, and the corrected data is then saved with a .COR file extension, indicating that the file contains improved, more accurate GPS data.


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