.SSI File Extension

A .SSI file is a Adobe Dreamweaver Server Side Include File, created by Adobe Systems.

Open with Adobe Dreamweaver 2021. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .SSI file?

A .SSI file is a type of file used by Adobe Dreamweaver, which is a program designed for building and designing websites. The "SSI" in the file extension stands for Server Side Include, which is a technique used in web development. This file contains pieces of information that are used on various parts of a website, allowing the same information to be displayed across multiple webpages without having to duplicate it. This is particularly useful for elements like headers, footers, or navigation menus that you want to keep consistent throughout a website.

SSI files make it easier to manage and update websites because you only need to change the information in one place, and it automatically updates everywhere that file is included. In Adobe Dreamweaver, these files are typically incorporated into webpages using a special command known as the #include directive. This tells the website to fetch and display the content from the SSI file at a specific location on the webpage.

To open and work with .SSI files, you would generally use Adobe Dreamweaver. The versions of Adobe Dreamweaver that can open this type of file include Adobe Dreamweaver 2021. When you open a .SSI file in Dreamweaver, you can edit the content that will appear on multiple pages of your website, making it a powerful tool for web developers looking to maintain consistent and efficient web designs.


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