.SST File Extension

A .SST file is a Serialized Certificate Store File, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft Certificate Manager (Included with OS). Available for Windows.

What is a .SST file?

The file extension .SST refers to a Serialized Certificate Store File. This type of file contains a digital certificate that has been downloaded from a Certificate Authority (CA). A Certificate Authority is an entity that issues digital certificates, which are used to verify the identities of websites and software programs. These certificates help ensure that the entities you interact with online are secure and trustworthy.

.SST files are typically installed as root certificates on Windows computers. A root certificate acts as a trusted source that can validate other certificates. This is important for establishing secure connections and interactions on the internet.

These .SST files are often saved in a specific folder on a computer, usually alongside other certificate files with the .PFX extension. The .PFX files also contain certificates but include private keys, unlike .SST files which do not.

To open and manage .SST files, you can use the Microsoft Certificate Manager, which is a program included with Windows operating systems. This tool allows you to view, install, or export certificates stored in .SST files.

The .SST file format is particularly useful because it preserves all the properties of the certificate store. This makes it convenient for transferring certificates between different computers, ensuring that all certificate information remains intact during the transfer. This capability is crucial for maintaining the security and integrity of digital certificates when moving them across different systems or networks.


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