.SSW File Extension

A .SSW file is a Sony Ericsson Firmware File, created by SETool2.

Open with SETool. Available for Windows.

What is a .SSW file?

The .SSW file extension is associated with a Sony Ericsson Firmware File. This type of file contains a firmware update specifically designed for updating the system software on Sony Ericsson mobile phones. Firmware is a type of software that is embedded into the hardware of a device, and it controls how the device operates.

The .SSW file is used by a program called SETool. SETool is a software tool used for "flashing" and unlocking Sony Ericsson cell phones. Flashing is the process of updating or changing the firmware of the phone to add new features or to fix issues. Unlocking allows the phone to be used with different mobile networks.

To use a .SSW file, it must be transferred to the Sony Ericsson mobile phone. This is typically done through a USB connection between the phone and a computer where SETool is installed. Once the file is transferred, SETool can be used to update the phone's firmware.

If you need to open a .SSW file, you will need to use the SETool program. This program is specifically designed to work with Sony Ericsson mobile phones and the .SSW firmware files.


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