.STARTUPINFO File Extension

A .STARTUPINFO file is a E-Prime 2.0 Startup Info File, created by Psychology Software Tools.

Open with Psychology Software Tools E-Prime. Available for Windows.

What is a .STARTUPINFO file?

The file extension .STARTUPINFO refers to a type of file known as an E-Prime 2.0 Startup Info File. This file is used in the field of psychology, particularly in experiments created using E-Prime software, which is a suite of applications developed by Psychology Software Tools for designing and running psychological experiments.

The .STARTUPINFO file contains parameters in XML format. These parameters are settings or data that the E-Prime software needs to load into a psychology experiment while it is running. For example, the file might specify what text to display, or what other data should be used during the experiment. This allows the experiment to be customized and to run consistently with the predefined settings.

To open a .STARTUPINFO file, you need to use E-Prime software from Psychology Software Tools. Specifically, these files are associated with the Professional version of E-Prime, which includes a special tool called the StartupInfo Editor. This tool is used to create and edit .STARTUPINFO files.

It is important to note that .STARTUPINFO files need to be stored in the same directory as the experiment files, which have extensions like .ES2 or .EBS2. This is necessary for the experiment to be able to load the parameters correctly from the .STARTUPINFO file.

In summary, .STARTUPINFO files are crucial for running customized psychology experiments in E-Prime, and they require specific software to be created and opened.


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