.STF File Extension

A .STF file is a Microsoft Setup Table File, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft Exchange Server. Available for Windows.

What is a .STF file?

The file extension .STF stands for Microsoft Setup Table File. This type of file is a temporary file used by Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server, which is a program designed to manage emails. The .STF file contains temporary data stream information that is important during the process of converting content formats within the server. This means it helps in transforming data into a suitable format for use or storage by the server.

These .STF files are created automatically by the server and are not meant to be permanent. They are usually deleted by the information store process of the Exchange Server once they are no longer needed. This helps in managing the storage space effectively by removing unnecessary files.

You can find .STF files in the Mdbdata directory, which is a specific folder used by the Exchange 2000 Server for storing database files.

To open an .STF file, you would typically use Microsoft Exchange Server, as it is the program that creates and manages these files. However, these files are generally not meant to be opened manually since they are used internally by the server software for processing tasks.


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