.STI File Extension

A .STI file is a StarOffice Presentation Template, created by Oracle.

Open with OpenOffice Impress. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .STI file?

The .STI file extension refers to a StarOffice Presentation Template. This type of file was originally created by StarOffice, which is the software that eventually evolved into Apache OpenOffice. The .STI file is specifically used for designing presentation templates. These templates help users create multiple presentations with a consistent design, which can be very useful for maintaining a professional or branded look across various slideshows.

A typical .STI file includes predefined layouts, such as a header and footer, which might be specifically styled for the title slide and subsequent content slides. This means that when you start a new presentation using an .STI template, much of the design work is already done for you. For example, the title slide might already have a space designated for a title and subtitle, and the content slides might have areas set aside for text, images, or other media.

To open and use .STI files, you can use several programs that are capable of handling presentation templates. These include: 1. **OpenOffice Impress** - This is a part of the Apache OpenOffice suite, directly descended from StarOffice. 2. **LibreOffice Impress** - Similar to OpenOffice, LibreOffice is another free and open-source office suite that supports .STI files. 3. **Planamesa NeoOffice** - This is an office suite for Mac computers that also supports .STI files.

When you save a presentation template in one of these programs, it might also create related files such as .STIP, .STH, and .STW. These files contain various data elements that the main template file (.STI) might reference. For instance, if you create a template for a musical instrument presentation named "Trumpet," the file might be saved as "Trumpet.sti," and related files will also be named after the instrument, containing additional data needed for the template.

To create a .STI file, you would typically open one of the compatible programs mentioned above, design your template with all the desired elements, and then save it in the program's user preset area. Naming your template and clicking 'OK' will generate the .STI file along with any associated files, all stored in the designated folder.

In summary, .STI files are valuable for creating standardized presentations, and they can be opened and edited using specific office suite programs like OpenOffice Impress, LibreOffice Impress, and Planamesa NeoOffice.


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