.STR File Extension

A .STR file is a dBASE Structure List Object File, created by dBASE.

Open with All Platforms. Available for Windows.

What is a .STR file?

The file extension .STR is associated with dBASE, a database management application, and stands for a dBASE Structure List Object File. This type of file is crucial for defining the structure of a database that is stored in a .DBF file format. Essentially, an STR file contains a detailed, text-based list that outlines all the components of the database. This includes information such as the number of fields within the database, the names of each field, and the specific dimensions (width and height) of each field.

The primary use of STR files in dBASE is to assist in creating printed archive index tables and to provide a clear documentation of the structure of each database table. This is particularly useful for database administrators and developers who need to understand or modify the layout of the database.

To open an STR file, you can use any standard text editor available on various platforms, such as Notepad on Windows, TextEdit on macOS, or any other text editor that supports plain text files. Additionally, since STR files are specifically designed for use with dBASE, you can also open them directly in the dBASE application. dBASE, the program associated with STR files, is a powerful Windows-based application that supports a wide range of database management functions. It allows users to manage databases, develop programs, and compile them efficiently. dBASE is compatible with several modern database engines including SQL Server, Access, and MySQL, making it a versatile tool for database management.

Note: The acronym dBASE stands for "dataBased Intelligence," reflecting its focus on providing intelligent database solutions.


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